Wow KZ02 E24 Skelton Green R18 KZ41




Thirty years of breeding history has produced this gem. The smooth rounded stylar end ensures there is no handling problems - currently being trialled in a number of locations.

'Skelton' green

-everyone's favourite Deliciosa


A vigorous vine with masses of golden fruit maturing mid-season


Kiwifruit variety, bred by Don Skelton

Green and Gold

Our New Zealand nurseries breed kiwifruit varieties that come with either green or golden flesh.

Maturity Dates

If you desire a kiwifruit variety that matures very early, very late, or anywhere in-between, we can help.


Our plants are grown on six continents!

Every Shape and Size

Skelton Kiwifruit are experts in providing a vast array of product types. Ask about heavy bearing, extra delicious, different colors, tastes and skins, and fruit less prone to defects, rubbing, fanning or decay.